A Look Back at 2013

The BizSec Podcast is THE podcast that brings information security concepts and news into the boardroom, translating geek into business. Each episode we’re going to be talking about information security and technology security issues that matter to business, not just the technologists. We’re glad to have you subscribed on iTunes, Youtube or however you’re finding us and we always appreciate your 5-star reviews. Follow the conversation with us on Twitter @bizsecpodcast and find more information, links and show notes at BizSecPodcast.com. In this episode we take a look back at a few significant events of 2013. We will cover Mandiant’s APT1 report, the current situation with LulzSec, and bug bounty programs, protecting connected devices. We will cover how investing in security products and individuals has been increasing over the years, and what we are to expect in 2014 and beyond.