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Welcome to the Business Security Podcast, hosted by Dave Kennedy and Beau Woods. The podcast brings a business angle to information security concepts and newsworthy events. The BizSec Podcast fills a gap that has long been missing from the information security podcast-o-sphere. The podcast is for C-levels and their direct reports, aspiring executives or those who want to be able to talk about security smartly in the boardroom.


Dave Kennedy

Dave Kennedy, President and CEO of TrustedSec

Dave Kennedy is the President/CEO of TrustedSec. Dave was formerly Chief Security Officer (CSO) for an international fortune 1000 company located in over 77 countries with over 18,000 employees. Dave is considered a thought leader in the security field, has presented at many conferences worldwide and has had guest appearances on FoxNews, BBC, and other high-profile media outlets.



Beau Woods

Beau Woods, President and CEO of Stratigos Security

Beau Woods is an information security veteran and President/CEO of Stratigos Security. Beau has consulted with and advised hundreds of organizations globally, including Fortune 50 corporations, NGOs, small-medium business, healthcare, financial services and others. Beau is a frequent presenter at conferences worldwide, contributes to industry groups and whitepapers, as well as writing blogs, articles and books.

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