Introducing the BizSec Podcast

Each episode we’re going to be talking about information security and technology security issues that matter to business, not just the technologists. Our first podcast, episode 0, is a brief introduction to us, our background, the podcast and why you should subscribe.

  • What’s the podcast about? Topics related to information security, from a business point of view.
  • What makes our podcast different? We aspire to deliver CxO and executive level content. Conversations you’re not going to hear virtually anywhere else, except in private at those levels or from analysts.
  • Who should listen? Anyone who wants to know what C-level staff care about when it comes to information security. That includes you if you want to a) be one, b) report to one, c) talk to one
  • Why are we the ones to talk about this? We’ve been around a while and seen the industry long enough to know what’s important and what’s not. We’re not perfect though and we encourage you to join in the discussion and add your perspective!
  • What’s the schedule? Once every two weeks or so, maybe some special episodes – interviews and such.
  • Where do I find you two? The best way is through twitter @bizsecpodcast @beauwoods @dave_rel1k